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Sony took the stage on Day One of E3 2013, and they definitely left quite the mark at the largest gaming event of the year. A handful of highly anticipated titles, a kick-ass console reveal, and an unbelievable price point? Everything you need to know about the Playstation 4 is right here, just read on:

Playstation 4 unveiled

It... looks like an Xbox actually, heh. It does have a sleek look to it which is rather nice. I'm fairly satisfied with how the PS4 looks that's for sure. It was relatively anti-climactic though, because they showed it, then just walked out with it.

Shortly after, Shu Yoshida himself takes the stage to talk more about the premise of Sony and what they want from Playstation as a whole.

The Order 1866

The first new IP we got a glimpse of. The trailer was pretty dynamic. We were introduced to tesla guns and a bunch of soldiers who fights demons. Short teaser, but an interesting premise nonetheless.


The Dark Sorcerer

New IP #2, folks. Character modeling is second to none in this game and we were treated to unbelievable particle effects. This was purely a showcase of software power. At the very least, we were treated to a bit of humor: the character is being "recorded" on a virtual set . The continuation to this cinematic will be at the Sony booth on June 11th @1pm.


SuperGiant Games took the stage to introduce us to the world their beautiful world. The game looked a lot like a steam punk Bastion. I wonder why though...


NBA 2K14

This again, was a demonstration of what the PS4 is capable of. We had Lebron James on one side, and then we had the virtual version of him in another. The results were quite astonishing actually.


Final Fantasy XIII-Versus

Incredible, fluid gameplay. The combat system is fully live-action instead of the trademark turn-based we've seen from past games. The game is not incredibly violent despite this fact; basically it still retains the Final Fantasy feel to it. Your character can blink to other locations and attack people with crystal weapons that appear from no where. Seriously, what else do I say beyond that?


Final Fantasy XV

Surprise! Versus has been changed to Final Fantasy XV. No really, it has, it came in late but the Versus logo literally transformed into the XV one.


Kingdom Hearts III

We also got another surprise for Sony fans. After the Final Fantasy trailer, we were given a short glimpse of Kingdom Hearts III. It wasn't much either but it's been confirmed for the Playstation 4. Shortly after, we got the official trailer for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix.


Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

We were introduced to a playable demo. Lots of explosions and the usual stealth gameplay. I didn't see anything new except for the ability to pilot a warship and order men to shoot cannons. In the middle of the demo, the game froze unfortunately... Shhhh. We don't talk about this~



Another sexy Watchdogs gameplay video! A lot of puzzle based gameplay in this one where you had to hack into different cameras and control grids and blocks to help your friend escape. So far, i've seen everything from this game.


Elder's Scroll: Online

We got a new trailer for Elder's Scroll Online! The trailer confirms dragons and Oblivion Portal. Beta exclusively to Playstation 4 sometime next year. I doubt we're going to see this game in 2013.


Mad Max

This guy does everything; from movies to games. Some of you might be excited for this one.


Destiny world premiere

Oh. My. God. My heart races on with this one. The world premiere of Destiny was definitely a WORLD PREMIERE. We were given a taste of multiplayer gameplay. The world was beautiful. The gameplay was brilliant. We were given the opportunity to see a Public Event, where many of the what I assume to be Bungie employees just showed up out of the blue to try and take down a server-boss.

The game is without-a-doubt, a true MMO. They had rare monsters, item drops, different weapons; and based on the glimpse of the menus we got, caters to shooter fans too with weapon customizations.


Sony Playstation 4 features

Unrestricted used games

Doesn't need to be connected

This was emphasized (Har har har)


PS Plus Memberships

People who have PS Plus during the launch of PS4 get a free copy of Driveclub PS Plus edition. On top of being less than $5 a month for membership, you get the service on all Sony platforms -- PS3, PS4, and Vita and whatever else they come out with.

On top of that, you get one free top-tier indie game title per month.

Playstation 4 Price point.


*Drops the mic*

Thank you. Good night.



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