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If you're like me, the color of the items you buy is almost as important as the items themselves.  I myself just got orange and blue towels to match the Aperture Laboratories shower curtain we put in the bathroom, so imagine how happy I was to hear that Nintendo has announced a new color for the 3DS:  Midnight Purple.

Pictured above the new unit will fold into the current color selection and sell for the same price of $169.99.  According to Nintendo's website the new color will launch May 20th, so you'll have to wait until the launch of Mario Tennis Open to get your grape on.  While this might be the coolest color, it is far from being the current winner for coolest 3DS design.  That still goes to the Legend of Zelda themed 3DS.  Of course, that might not match your handbag.

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[fraggadier] @ 1:18:14 AM May 1, 2012
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When the time comes, I will have you, and I will be the only one because everyone bot a 3ds on release. mwahahaha

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I still get the Legend of Zelda one, because its Legend of Zelda. Who wouldnt get that one?

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Ohan: You may think you'll be the only one, but while I did get my 3DS on release, one way or another, I'll find a way to get my hands on one of these babies :)

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This is easily the best color since the red/black and blue/black DS lites.

[fraggadier] @ 1:59:29 PM May 2, 2012
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haha, I knew everyone got their 3ds on release aka captain.

[Mandifesto] @ 11:59:29 PM May 1, 2012
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Alas you are wrong Frag, as not everyone got their 3DS on release -- I have yet to get one.

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