We knew strange things would be coming once it was announced that Metal Gear Rising was becoming MGR: Revengeance under the developer of Bayonetta.  Today Konami released the full "Make it Right Arm Trailer" for their upcoming action title, again confusing the audience by using full motion video instead of in game footage.  

Apparently this trailer deals with Jack's personal reboot into Raiden, starting with a mechanical arm.  Lots of odd things appear in this trailer, enough to ensure we will never call it the "Finally Make Sense" trailer.  Watch it yourself after the jump.



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From what we know from Metal Gear Solid 2, Jack was forced into being a soldier as a small child. It seems that in the process of being turned into a cyborg (something that happened off-screen during the time peried between MGS2 and MGS4) the procedure triggered some latent memories from his childhood. At least, that's what I get from this video. Still doesn't explain a damn thing, really.

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Cool, judging by the video, they are making a Robocop remake?

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