There’s a new trailer out for Konami’s upcoming hack-and-slash, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and despite what I thought of this game prior to watching it, the footage just BLEW MY MIND. The game looks amazing, albeit a bit gory for my taste, but even I will somewhat admit that the gore has its place in this game. I mean, come on, Raiden uses a pretty darn big blade for goodness sake…

The new trailer reveals quite a bit of gameplay. Definitely a lot more than we’ve ever seen before and from what I can tell, the game is incredibly fast-paced as opposed to the espionage-style of play we've seen from our beloved Solid Snake. Also, I’m glad they made more use of the “cut” feature we saw two E3s ago. On top of this, we get an adequate taste of the juicy cinematics that show us the game’s visuals in all its creepy, yet, creative glory. The game looks pretty darn sweet but the more I look at it, the more I see they just pulled everything out of there arses to make some of the villains in the game.

Unfortunately, the trailer is in Japanese, but pay more attention to the content. I’m sure we’ll see an english version of the trailer soon enough, anyways. Metal Gear Rising will have a release sometime in 2013. Other details are unknown. Check out the trailer below!

[Video via RandomBlackGamer]

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I'm going to be vague by just saying "kickass"!!

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