TGS 2012 had many new things to share but one thing that caught my attention was Capcom’s upcoming title, Monster Hunter 4. The game is headed its way to the Nintendo 3DS and I can’t wait!

Monster Hunter is definitely one of my favorite games, primarily because I’m a huge Phantasy Star fan and MH really isn’t any different aside from the setting, which is more primal than sci-fi. I’m sure the trailer doesn’t do the game's visuals much justice, because the 3DS itself has pretty good graphics and 3D that improves upon that. Still, we get to see some of the massive creatures and pretty combos the game will have us experiencing.

Monster Hunter 4 will make its way to the Nintendo 3DS on March 2013 in Japan. I hope they make a localized version for NA, but that will come sometime after the JP launch. There are so many games scheduled for early 2013 that it has me, and my wallet I might add, shaking! Check out the trailer below!

[Video via WiiUMarryMii]

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