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Capcom just announced that their former 3DS exclusive title, Resident Evil: Revelations, will be released on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii U later this year.

I'm not entirely sure why they're choosing to do this, but I will say that Revelations is definitely a true horror survival game unlike its big boy counterpart, Resident Evil 6. Fans who have played the handheld zombie thriller have, for the most part, said the game was great but unfortunately, the game had rather subpar sales. I suppose the reason for that is the 3DS is still trying to catch up in handheld sales and not everyone has one yet. Hey, maybe Capcom only wishes their fans could experience a title most couldn't, or i'm delusional and they're actually just lazy and didn't want to make a new Resident Evil yet. Who knows?

One thing the console port won't be able to fully replicate, for everyone at least, is the 3D effect.The 3D mechanics Revelation has to offer is quite good and putting it in to the hands of an interested console player who doesn't have full access to 3D equipment will have them missing out. Still, if you don't have a 3DS but have one of the big 3 sitting in your house, you'll have a chance to play Resident Evil: Revelations on May 21, 2013.


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