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My fellow gamers and close friends know that I am an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fanatic.  I could spend hours just walking the terrain and exploring the vast caves and dungeons this wonderful game has to offer. I've played several classes to end game and the most fun class I've played is by far my crazy dual wielding Orc warrior.  Sure, assassins can be fun if you like stealth and getting kills from afar.  But there is nothing like running into battle, swords drawn, screaming "FOR KHAZ MODAN!!!"... errr wait a minute...

Our good friends at IGN have come up with a very helpful Skryim Skill Builder.  Since there are no predefined classes in Skyrim  I’m using the term Orc berserker the spirit role playing.  When I think berserker I think of a dual wielding warrior that focuses on maximum dps with little regard for any defense.  With no further delay, here is my complete Orc warrior spec up to level 50.

Why did I pick an Orc for my dual wield warrior?  The answer is very simple, Berserker Rage.  An Orc racial talent when activated your character will take half damage and do double damage for 60 seconds, once per day.  Quite simply one of the best racials in the game and perfect for a dual wield warrior who needs to at times reduce damage taken and boost their damage output. 

Let's go over each section starting with Combat and I'll explain why I picked what I did.Archery

Your main attack will be with swords but when fighting Dragons and distant enemies it's always good to have ranged power as your backup.  5/5 Overdraw is enough to meet these needs.  This is more than enough to give your bows some serious damage.

Heavy Armor

You want to simply grab everything in this tree. Some of the talents like Fists of Steel and Cushioned may not make much sense to have but when you look at the end talent, Conditioning, you will see it's worth it.  Stamina is the number one resource for Warriors and Conditioning does wonders for this.


Surprisingly enough you only need to grab a few of these talents.  5/5 Armsman is a must have for maximum DPS. You can then either go axes, maces or swords. The choice is really up to you. I'm a sword person myself so I went 3/3 Bladesman.  2/2 Dual Flurry will increase your attack speed by 35%.  1/1 Dual Savagery will give your power attacks 50% more damage.  This is another massive boost to DPS and a must have for dual wielding.  Finally 1/1 Fighting Stance is a nice talent to have to save 25% Stamina with power attacks.

That's it for the Combat tree.  Selecting these skills will give you a dual wielding warrior with massive burst dps when doing melee damage and a nice ranged backup for fighting Dragons in flight and distant enemies.

Let's move over to the Non-Combat tree.


Dual wielding warriors do not have shields to protect them.  This means no blocking incoming attacks.  Your character will be taking more damage than usual, especially in those early levels.   Alchemy helps a great deal in this regard since you can make health potions. 5/5 Alchemist will make your potions 100% stronger.  Then all you will need is to select 1/1 Physician.  With these six talents you will be making health potions that are 125% more effective. 


Enchantment! The enchantment tree is probably the most powerful tree in the game.  I don't care what you play, every single class should always spec into the enchantment tree. With a combination of skill, health, and stamina enchantments on your armor and weapons you will be a force to be reckoned with. 5/5 Enchanter will make you enchantments 100% stronger.  Then just go straight up the enchantment tree. 1/1 Insightful Enchanter makes your skill enchantments on armor 25% strong.  So you can enchant your armor to deal more one-handed damage, or increase bow damage, etc.  1/1 Corpus Enchanter will make your health, magika, and stamina enchantments 25% stronger on armor. Finally, 1/1 Extra Effect will let you put two enchantments on the same item.  When you have dual enchantments on every piece of armor and weapon you are wearing your character will have no problems with any enemy in the game.


Unlike other games where the best armor comes from fighting bosses and getting loot from them, Skyrim's best armor and weapons come from crafting and enchanting.  Smithing is another tree that every character in the game no matter what you are playing should spec into.  Yes, even mages, because mages can wear plate in this game.  For an Orc warrior you'll want to go up the right hand side of the Smithing tree putting one point into each talent.  The order of progression as defined by the tree will go as follows: Steel Smithing, Dwarven Smithing, Orcish Smithing, Ebony Smithing, Daedric Smithing, Dragon Armor.  


I hope everyone finds this guide helpful. Just remember, the game is what you make of it and there is no wrong way to play Skyrim.  It’s all about having fun. If anyone has any comments or questions leave them below and I'll reply.  To battle and victory friends!!

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Great write up! I'm going to have to try this spec out after I tire with my Wood Elf Archer/Assassin.

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Fantastic!  I'm not much of a melee player but I will have to try it at some point when I'm not stabbing people from dark places or sniping them from a far off hill. Wait, Art that's my class combo!  

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