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So far that whole leaked character roster bit for UMvC3 is shaping up to be fairly accurate. Today, Capcom revealed two new characters for their “expansion”, that of Dr. Strange and Nemesis.

Dr. Strange, hailing from the Marvel universe, is known as one of the most powerful sorcerers in the universe, having held the title Sorcerer Supreme. His counterpart is Dormammu, already in the game, and shares a similar zoning tactic with his spells, but looks to have a stronger offensive game as well. Meanwhile, Nemesis, one of the main baddies from Resident Evil, is a humongous powerhouse as big as Sentinel, and twice as scary. Fun fact: Nemesis was originally deconfirmed as a playable character for being "too mature" for the game. Funny how things change, when a company decides they want to make more money, eh? Regardless, both of these characters will be joining the other 48 on November 15 for NA, and 18 in EU.

Of course, around the same time that these two are announced, a new glitch is found in the original MvC3 game, in what is being called the Peekaboo Glitch. A convenient reminder that Capcom really needs to get their sh*t together for Ultimate. Check out the character trailers, and the glitch video, after the break.






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