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So far, we already know that the PS3 and Vita versions of Street Fighter x Tekken will be having Infamous 2 star Cole McGrath as their exclusive character. But what about the Xbox 360 version?

That’s the question Yoshinori Ono has been trying to solve as of late. Now, he’s looking to the players for help.

"I’m looking and doing a lot of thinking, but I haven’t yet found a character that screams to me – this character should be in a fighting game on Microsoft’s side. I’m not saying there isn’t a character like that, but I haven’t personally thought of one yet. I’d love to hear from the fans, if you have ideas or suggestions let me know."

Despite what many people may think, there are some non-FPS related 360 characters that may actually be viable picks. My personal choice would be Mack from Lost Odyssey. I mean, he already fights with his fists, so that part wouldn’t be a problem, and his use of magic would give him a unique flair that would help to compete against Cole’s electricity usage. That or they could pull Kaim from the same game, but I doubt Tekken would want another sword wielder to steal the spotlight from Yoshimitsu.

All else fails, last I checked, Microsoft also has ownership of the studio Rare, and there’s one particular fighting game that fans have been clamoring for a revival of for quite some time....


[via Siliconera]

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