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We've got a truckload of Street Fighter related information from Capcom for you guys today. It really is a lot to cover, so, let’s go over everything one step at a time.

For starters, the SSFIV:AE rebalance is starting location testing over in Japan-land. The location tests will start up next week, and will continue through to the beginning of September. Dates and locations are listed below, and you can find more info on the SSFIV:AE official website (provided you can understand Japanese). Here’s hoping Hakan is actually viable this time around, and that Yun, Yang, and Fei Long are adjusted accordingly.


August 26th-27: Hitechland Sega Avion, Osaka

August 28: BIG BOX Takodanobana, Tokyo

September 2-4: Plaza Capcom Kichijouji, Tokyo


Jumping over to SFxT news, Capcom has confirmed that the game’s online mode will have similar features present in SFIV. This includes Endless Mode and Replay Channel, as well as some new surprises that they’re keeping under wraps. The netcode, meanwhile, will be different from SFIV’s, and they also confirmed that they’re not using GGPO-style coding. So, good considering that SFIV’s netcode in general is pretty terrible, and bad because GGPO is largely considered to be the best netcoding available for online fighting. Maybe it won’t turn out so bad in the end. SFxT also has a release timeline of somewhere in the Spring of next year, but no solid dates as of right now.

Lastly, PSN owners will be glad to know that they will be able to get their hands on a demo version of SF3: 3rd Strike Online Edition before the official release next week. Xbox Live players will get a demo by default, on account of how XBLA is structured. Unlike SFxT, this one will have GGPO coding for online play, and will also sport Youtube uploading for replays (expect to see a lot of trolling videos) and a challenge mode. OE will be coming in on August 23 for the PS3, while 360 owners will be getting it the following day.

Whew. That really was a lot to cover.

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