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We've seen Marvel vs Capcom, we've seen all the Nintendo characters beat each other up, but now we get more in the realm of cross-universe fighting: Hello Kitty X Street Fighter.

Is it a game yet? No. It's merchandising so far. But come on, you know you want to make Keropi headbutt Hakan. And with good reason! It's the same thing that makes us love Smash Bros.: we love seeing characters from our innocent youth defend themselves. If they made a Hey Arnold! fighting game, I'd be the first one in line.

While they have yet to mention a game at the other end of this merchandising, it seems as though this is another step of Capcom's to rely on strange tricks to get more revenue. Not that there's anything wrong with a company trying to make money but so shortly after the demise of Megaman Legends 3, it's almost still in bad taste. But, when is the "too soon" period over? After all, they've gotta make money somehow.

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