Nothing like good ole' fashioned dubstep and fighting to get you up in the morning. Because that's really what this trailer for Capcom's Remember Me is: dubstep and fighting. And a lot of it. Mind you, I enjoy seizure-inducing bawawawa-dumdaa trailers but here's to hoping the game will have more appropriate background music for 2084 Neo-Paris.

I was able to try out the game at the Capcom booth during Wonder-con 2013. Was I impressed by what I saw? Only a little to be honest, but still, the demo didn't have all the core features of the game, like creating your own fighting combos with memories. On top of that, the enemies weren't anything like what is seen in this video.

Remember Me is set for release on June 4th, 2013. I hope it sees some success because the concept of the game is incredibly unique, you know, being a memory hunter and all but it still plays out as a risk since you don't often see these types of games fly by. Click the jumper below to see the trailer.

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