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Batman: Arkham City continues to impress. Today we get an introduction to The Penguin, and, funny thing, he's looking kinda dangerous. He's got a hole in his throat, a cracked monocle and a shotgun umbrella. Of course it's a shotgun.

Also seen in the trailer is Solomon Grundy, a zombified villain with a pro-wrestler's physique. Well, two pro-wrestlers, really.

With all these beautiful trailers Rocksteady has been streamin', I'm pretty pumped. Arkham Asylum was one of the best games of 2009, and I expect no different for Arkham City and 2011. Grab it on October 21st.

And now, watch The Penguin as he convincingly demonstrates that he is no longer Danny DeVito:



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lol yeah the first thing i thought when i saw the penguin was... this isnt danny! awww i guess after all these years its time to say good bye. i wanna see him bite someones nose.

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