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Over the past weeks, From Software has been releasing a prologue trailer for Dark Souls piecemeal. In part one, nothing really happened. In part two we were introduced to some spooky lords, but nothing really happened there, either. But now we're finally getting somewhere.

The scary lords we were introduced to last time? They have god-like powers. This group of troublemakers really don't like dragons, so they strap on their dragon-kicking boots and wipe out a lot of freaking dragons.

The story isn't complete because a part four is on the way. Again, the visuals are stunning, so that alone is worth the watch. But I gotta say, seeing the entire series in one sitting will probably be a thousand times better than the split format they've gone with. But whatever, it's Dark Souls and it will rock your face. Hit the jump for part three.

Dark Souls is out October 4th for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.



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