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While the game itself is not due out until next year, Atlus decided it’d be a good idea to release a trailer for the upcoming Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayanoka Arena fighting game. Works out for us, since we get to see some actual gameplay footage for the first time.

The trailer primarily shows off the four characters that have already been revealed thus far, showcasing each one’s fighting style. Those who have been getting a JoJo’s vibe in particular should be very satisfied with how the game is turning out. And, as one can expect from a title being developed by Arc System Works, it looks spectacular, with glorious 2D animation. If you look carefully, you can even catch a glimpse of some of the other characters that are will be appearing on the roster, each with their signature persona.

While I’m anxious to hear of a NA release, considering ASW’s track history with other adaptations, that’s not likely to be the case. Check the trailer after the break, and start praying that it’ll at least be an easy import.



[via Shoryuken]

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