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In the wake of the coming demo set to be made available on July 12 for Catherine, Atlus has released a new trailer to help promote their upcoming psychological horror game.

This new trailer gives a bit more detail on the plot behind the game. Vincent, our protagonist, has been afflicted with recurring nightmares that involve him running for his life from monstrous apparitions. Other men have been experiencing these same dreams, with others even dying in their sleep. Vincent not only has to struggle with keeping his sanity (and his life) intact, but also juggle his personal relationships with two women.

The trailer showcases the brilliant animated cinematics, courtesy of Studio 4oC, as well as gives a look at the puzzle oriented gameplay that occurs during the nightmare stages, along with a taste of the English voicework. All of these elements are combining into a unique gaming experience that already has grasped Japan, and will hopefully have the same effect on American audiences when it is released later this month.

Check out the trailer below, and sweet dreams.




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[Mandifesto] @ 5:08:21 PM Jul 6, 2011
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Not sure which is creepier, the strange staircases or the main character running around in his boxers.

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The voice actors for Vincent and Katherine in the Japanese version were the same voice actors for Misato Katsuragi and Ryoji Kaji from Evangelion, which is a pretty epic combo, which was a huge plus for Atlus. I Was always hoping for the option of a Japanese voice track, but the English voice acting seems pretty crisp, but still, do I have to fork out the cash for a Japanese system? LOL However all this waiting for an English version has been hopeless for me, as it looks like its just a NA release. I hope to God I'm wrong, but yeah.... Grrr! 

It should come out in a another few months, or possibly next year, but the Australian Govt. scares me..... After they censored Witcher II (Which I'm still a bit peeved), if they do anything to Catherine, I'm going to shouryuken each and everyone of their cabinent.

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Well, that's definately a big change from the typical female japanese lolibot main character that's, more often than not, too revealing. :o

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Well played, good sir... Well played...

[Mysterious_X] @ 3:27:20 PM Jul 7, 2011
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[REDACTED] on the pillow, stayed for the game.

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That reminds me, need to code in a "Report fo language/content" system. Children could be reading this site - keep it clean!

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