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Watching the Dead Island team release reveals of their game, I can't help but get a tad worried. If you think about it, they kinda screwed themselves with their award-winning trailer that came out months ago. It was a beautiful video, masterfully done. The trailers since haven't achieved that same level (how could they, really?) and this one is no different.

But, I'm still as giddy as a zombie stumbling across an unarmed co-ed. The release trailer shows off some gameplay footage, zombies exploding like they were blood balloons, and lots of shotgun fun. And it's all encompassed by some re-used, pretty piano music. Plus, they apparently decided not to shy away from Left 4 Dead comparisons. If I'm wrong, then why is there a freaking Boomer in this game?

If you want to see some blood balloons and a skinny Boomer, hit the jump and check out the trailer. The game drops on September 6th for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.



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