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In upcoming indie title, The Binding of Isaac, the player goes against some pretty screwed up stuff. So, it’s fitting that the latest trailer for it would give gamers a good idea of what to expect.

The action RPG shooter has you playing as Issac, who is trying to flee from his crazy mother that’s trying to sacrifice him after claiming to hear the voice of God. The trailer shows off the gameplay, which draws inspiration from the first NES Legend of Zelda title. It’s also made by the same guy that made the pretty wicked trailer for Super Meat Boy, so expect some great cinematography along with prefect examples of the bizarre gameplay.

Get your fill of mutant babies and other mostrocities after the jump.


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I didn't see the trailer at first, I saw Art's reaction to it written on his face.  Once I saw it myself I understood why.

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/looks at clipboard

"Mutant Baby Quota, check."

/rocks in corner

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