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Everyone likes boss fights, right? Sure you do. Warner Bros. and Snowblind Studios know that. That’s why they shipped out a new trailer giving earnest gamers a sneak peek at one of the many boss fights you’ll encounter in Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

Here, we get a look at the Barrow-Wight, an evil spirit that will send hordes of undead soldiers, and even a corrupted ranger, to combat you. Obviously the key in this fight is being able to take down the big guy before the undying army starts to overwhelm you and your colleagues. The trailer itself is fairly stylish, and gives a good cinematic look of the encounter.

Check it out after the break. Make sure to practice your skeleton chopping skills.



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[Fragnotmyass] @ 6:26:40 PM Oct 7, 2011
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This game looks like a coopertive Dragon Age origins. Awesome!!!

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Like a boss. Sending out those undead soldiers to take you down, like a boss, looking very dead, evil, and white like a boss. Judging by your post this seems a lot like Call of the Dead from Black Ops. I might give it go.

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wow. I actually hadn't heard of this game until now, that's a little surprising to me. Anyways, looks pretty good, hopefully it isn't filled with those impossible-to-beat boss fights, which we all know and love.

The worst example of this I have ever experienced was the last boss fight in the new Mortal Kombat on the 360. i spent an hour and half trying to beat it, and even with the help of youtube tutorials, I couldn't do it. There were thousands of angry comments on the tutorial videos. That was one of the most frustrating video game experiences I have ever had, haha...

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Well, I love action-rpgs with a passion.. In fact my favorite action-rpg is Phantasy Star which is where I started my gaming... well my online gaming heh. But this trailer makes it seem so... slow paced or at least a couple times, the skeletons weren't doing much but it's likely that was done for video purposes. But yea, i'm knit picky about that stuff in game trailers, don't mind me heh.

Well, it's Lord of the Rings, so I automatically like it... hahaha.

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Maybe the skeletons look slow because it is a sequence, like low rounds the undead move slowly and get faster as the rounds progress.

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It can only really be based on difficulty. The trailer is a boss battle and it's one big sequence, winning or dying.

But if it is based on difficulty, for the purpose of the videos, and most demonstrations for that matter, it's turned down to its lowest setting. It's a presentation thing, which is viable.

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Oh, I didn't know it was one big sequence. Yea you're right, it is probably a difficulty level setting.

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