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It’s my birthday today, and despite the fact that I feel freaking old, it does mean free gifts. And since I’m a gamer, that often also means video game related gifts. Though despite how simple it can be to get a gift for a person with such a hobby, some inexperienced shoppers can miss a lot of options that are out there. Sure, one can just get an actual game, but that's usually the most obvious choice one can make, and you have the concern that they'll actually enjoy the title you got them. Which begs the question; what other gaming related products are out there?

Let’s list some of the possibilities for that birthday boy or girl, shall we?


Game Cards

Chances are, you know a guy or gal that’s big on MMOs, or at least plays one exclusively. The developers of these games often put out game cards for their titles which act as gift cards. Subscription-based MMOs such as World of Warcraft and Rift often have cards that give game time, while F2P titles such as Dungeon Fighter Online and Spiral Knights contain in-game currency that can be used on the cash shops. Game cards are available at most every Wal-Mart, 7-11, Gamestop, or other stores across the country, and make good birthday card inserts.



For the fighting game fan, an arcade stick is almost a sure-fire gift. Though they tend to be a bit pricy, the quality you get for many of them is fairly high. The best sticks on the market are arguably the Mad Catz Tournament Edition, one of the top choices of pro fighting game players around the world because of their durability and being easily moddable, though brands like Hori are also reliable for those on a tighter budget. If you know a Tekken fan, then they’ll be happy to know that NamcoBandai has got their own version of the Mad Catz stick that comes when you get the Tekken Hybrid Extreme Edition bundle.


Team Fortress 2 Hats

Obviously, Team Fortress 2 is the best hat simulation game on the planet, if not in the known universe. So what better gift for your favorite head decoration aficionado than one of the many items available? Know someone who would wrestle a bear for a Team Captain and you happen to have one on your person? Wrap that baby up and send it his way. They'll thank you by hopefully not blowing your brains out next time they play Sniper.


Gaming Memorabilia

There is literally a ton of various video game related items that companies are dying to give to their fans. Why not take advantage of it? Know a rabid fangirl of Ezio Auditore? Final Fantasy fans have a long list of items that they would want to have on their shelves. And who doesn’t love Murlocs? Chances are, if they’re a fan of a particular game or series, there’s some sort of related product out there for them.


Rock Band Gear

Know a wannabe musician who has been trying to gold star Painkiller for the past month? Help them out with some gear for the best music game in the market. They’ve got wicked drum sets for those who just like to hit on things and bass guitars for the guy that can rock it like he’s Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Or maybe you have that someone that wants to be able to play a guitar for real? There’s an instrument for every personality type and musical preference. Just make sure you really like the guy if you plan on plopping down over a hundred bucks for them.

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lol good thing the people I find close to me are not just gamers, they're nerds and geeks... and other stuff too, so the wide-spread possibilities of varying choices increases even further, heh.

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For my birthday i always ask for things related to video games but i always end up getting money and spending it on stupid little things.

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I'm guilt on so many levels... "here's some money, go buy a game since I don't know what you want." *buys a ton of gum*

Ok not like that but close lol.

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You're born on the 7th of October?? THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


I got Riot Points for my bday! lol

[Fragnotmyass] @ 6:29:12 PM Oct 7, 2011
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BOTH OF YOU!!!! also, Angel go get your Astro A40s haha

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Well then, Happy Happy birthday, may all your dreams come true, da, da, da, da, da, da, something, something, something, sorry I don't know the rest. If I were to get one of my gaming friends a gift from this list for his/her birthday, I would get them a fightstick because they are classic. My question for you geeks is, what would you get from this list for someone you know who is a gamer and why?

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Happy Birthday!

Nice list, the first option that comes to mind is always just to preorder the next big title, these are good alternatives though. When I'm getting a game for someone I generally make sure they really want it before I get it for them, I'll just casually bring it up in conversation and feel it out from there, haha

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Well, I generally have a hard time picking presents and when I do finally figure out what I'm gonna get someone, my plans are thwarted by some mystical divine force. My friend got me a chewbacca head statue which was unexpected... I mean, very unexpected lol, but we have the tendancy to think about Star Wars items for eachother, which I'm gonna un-do once I.. figure out what to get lol. So what I like to do, is just give people a good time for their b-day... primarily because I only celebrate a few b-days of people so I'm down to do whatever it may be.

As for the list, it would definitely be memorabilia. I'm a huge collector... I collect action figures, posters, shirts, and I try to always get a higher edition of whatever game I plan to purchase ( as I pre-order most of my titles for the year in January) so if I had to get a gift, it'd be something I'd appreciate, whether they think likewise heh.

[Fragnotmyass] @ 1:45:42 AM Oct 8, 2011
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Sooo.... tell me about this man who gave you this chewbacca head

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Thats cool that you are a collector. I myself don't have any gaming memorabilia. Same goes for my friends, they don't like the "toys" that come with a special edition. So, they just give it away to their other friends or their siblings.

[Fragnotmyass] @ 1:34:54 PM Oct 9, 2011
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I love having a collection. I have Star Wars figures and items, Gears of War figures, a boomer statue and a replica Retro lancer, I also have a ton of Simpsons stuff because I was a huge fan growing up with it. But yeah I never open them, well... except the retro lancer from gears of war  3 because playing with it is fun. But yeah, I don't think Rockband stuff and team fortress 2 hats are a good gift at all. Rockband stuff always end up in the dust to rot. And the hats, well idk haha

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My cousin is a huge Star Wars fan and he has a bunch of collections. He took me to a Star Wars showing once where there was a raffle and I won a Star Wars collectible. Since I am not a collector, I gave the prize to him. I think it was a spaceship or something.

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That's nice. And by showing, you mean one of the movies ( older/newer)? perhaps, the concert?

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I think it was Star Wars Episode One.

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