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Not content to rest on the success(?) of the 17" Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop and Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet, Razer reveals the 14" Razer Blade, an insanely thin slice of gaming tech awesomeness.

While a price has not yet been announced, I can only assume this thing costs roughly the same as a small car. These sleek black beauty is thinner then the diameter of a dime (dime-ameter?), is rocking a Core i7 processor, nVidia GTX765M graphics chip, three USB3.0 ports and an HDMI port for pumping video out to an HDTV or secondary monitor.

To view the announcement video for the Razer Blade, check after the jump. Just try your best not to cut yourself.



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I think it was listed as $1799(?). A lot of people are saying the price is incredibly fair compared to the mac book air which is its only real competitor. Haven't paid attention to the most recent recent tech yet so i'm not sure about the validity of that claim lol.

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