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Razer is one of my favorite companies when it comes to peripherals. In some way, they have a product for every type of gamer and generally, you get the quality you pay for. Of course, that quality comes at a cost and everyone knows Razer gaming products are quite expensive, even at the entry level. However, in an interview with VG247, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan says that even at the cost his products are sold at, every item the company ships is sold at a loss. While one may think this article equates to covering the peripheral company's short-comings, it turns out they actually don't care.

"We're not run like a real company, I know. It's insane, but every single product we ship, we're shipping at a loss. Life is short. And it's funny to see someone using a left-handed mouse. I have great investors. They're passionate about what they do." He says, "Our investors are genuine product people. I'm thankful for it. I cannot imagine if somebody's just interested in like, a bottom line or a profit. We've been able to make decisions that make absolutely no commercial sense whatsoever. Even the laptop flies in the face of industry reports. You know, 'PCs are dying, everyone should get out of the PC industry' and here we are going 'Great! Let's invest as much money as we can in building a PC laptop.' Right? Doesn't make any sense but hey! Look at it! It's cool."

- Min-Liang Tan, CEO Razer

To think, a major company out there does their thing because "it's cool" and I admire the fact that they are very precise with their target market -- gamers. Razer makes all sorts of neat, laser-focused stuff, like their left-handed mice for instance which apparently sell "terribly" yet they release a new version often enough because people, somewhere in the world, buy them. Goes to show, even with a loss, you can become a great company just by putting out a product that people will go "that's cool." I mean, just look at the Razer Blade. Gaming-power in a system less than an inch thick? Voodoo I say!

I admire every ounce of Razer's spirit. I still wonder how they sell everything at a loss with the cost of their products though. I guess they really weren't kidding when they said a lot of engineering goes into each item I suppose and well, unlike some other companies out there, I believe them. Razer comes up with simple things yet they're so complex and tend to be well though-out especially with every new re-iteration of their famous product lines, like their Nagas for example, which tend to improve with every release. Yea, manufacturing and designing new products are supposed to make money but they're also supposed to innovate the world and hopefully make it a better place.

So what do you guys think of Razer's company spirit? Personally, I think this quote says it all:

“We went and talked to manufacturers and said can you build us [a system] powerful and light at the same time? And they said no, it’s impossible. So we kept knocking on doors. They kept telling us it was impossible. We said okay, what the hell. We’re gonna bring in designers and engineers that can help us with this.”


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