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It is that day again. The 1st of April, known colloquially as the prankster's holiday, April Fool's Day. And no one cherishes (dreads?) their AFD pranks more than the video game industry. Each year, wise gaming enthusiasts hit the internet with a skeptical eye, knowing full well that the majority of announcements put out by game and technology companies today are less than legit.

We here at GameGeex have decided to collect a list of AFD pranks to make it easier for you to follow along with all the fake news coming out today. I will try to update this several times throughout the course of the day, so if you know of a great gaming, geek or tech related AFD post that isn't listed here, feel free to send the link to me at and I will be sure to get them included. Be forewarned, though - Many of these links may no longer work once April 2nd rolls around.


Game Industry Pranks

Blizzard: StarCraft II brings back the Warhound

Blizzard: World of Warcraft site brings back their "Ghostcrawler" site assistant.

WoWHead: WoWHead takes a look at patch 5.3, blatantly makes stuff up

Paradox Interactive: Europa Universalis - The Musical!

Paradox Interactive: Crusader Kings Z

Razer: The Razer Naga is now a phone

UbiSoft: Farcry3 goes Retro 80's Radical!

Eidos: Retro 8-Bit Deus Ex sequel

thatgamecompany: Journey... with rockets!

IGN: Apple's new iPlay gaming system

Toshiba: Toshiba introduces the ShebaSphere game console

ArenaNet: Guild Wars 2 gets in on the retro action

GoG: Retromator 4000 is go!

Mojang: Minecraft 2.0 announced


Tech Industry Pranks

YouTube finalizes your contest entries, closes up shop

Twitter does away with vowels for its non-paying members

Google allows you to search by scent

Google Maps allow you to hunt for treasure

Google brings more blue to your GMail

NewEgg cleans out the attic for blast-from-the-past deals

Bing has very friendly Easter Island heads, but also try searching for "Google"

Nokia has new touch screen microwave in the works

iFixit has a few tips on how to deal with a *very* familiar friend

Samsung announces SMART Eco Tree

Sony doesn't want your furry friends to be left out of the electronic fun


Geek and Social Pranks

George Takei is making the jump from Star Trek to Star Wars 

Scope admits everything is better with bacon

ThinkGeek has a wide array of new products to offer

Guardian UK offers a pair of glasses to help protect your point of view

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I was going to have a clever april fools comment to place here and then I realized ... no.

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I kinda wish the Naga became a phone... Then i'd actually use those side-buttons for something haha.

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This youtube prank is killing me


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