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nVidia took us all by surprise a few months ago when they announced that they throwing their hat in the mobile console market with the appropriately named nVidia Shield. While we know a little bit about the device, including its almost magical ability to play full PC titles streamed off your computer if you have a supported graphics card, there is still a lot we do not yet know. nVidia must have realized this, as they decided to host a round table style Hangout to discuss the ins-and-outs of the device with potential developers and customers alike.

I completely missed it. <_>

But fortunately, they are hosting a second Hangout in the next few minutes! It begins at 11:00am PST today, April 6th, so if you are reading this post anytime near then, you can get the information to participate in the Hangout from here, as well as see the actual Event page here. If you missed it, dont worry, we've got you back: You can check out the YouTube video of the event after the jump.



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