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As well as being a gamer, I’m a huge anime geek. I know I’m jumping onto a bandwagon when I say this, but I love Final Fantasy VII. It was the first RPG to grace my PlayStation console, and I’ve replayed it more times than I can count – And I watched Advent Children more than twenty times before it was ever released on DVD in New Zealand.

The video I am about to show you now is a great piece of fandom. It’s a stop-motion production recreating the climatic fight between Cloud and Sephiroth, a duo representing to me one of the greatest examples of heroism and villainy in any book or game I've delved through. Sephiroth was always calling Cloud a puppet, but isn't this video taking it to another level? There is an unexpected yet much appreciated cameo in the mix of the battle, and the two mobile suits at the start of the video were an added goody for any mecha-fan. The video made me laugh, but it also made me weep a little too, Tetsuya Nomura’s creations still holding a special little key to my heart.



[video via John Huang/counter656. Check out his Youtube channel for more awesome.]

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That was pretty damn slick! ^_^

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