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It is a sad fact of life - as we get older, we get more jaded. Our experiences raise the bar for future experiences, and what we found to be awesome yesterday needs to be twice as awesome today in order to achieve the same reaction. Which is why it is important to every once in awhile take on a new perspective on something you've seen a thousand times before. In this case, I'm talking about seeing MineCraft through the eyes of a little girl.

Twiggen Brand, AKA Mavlock03, is the online identity for the daughter of a close friend of mine (and frequent commenter here on GameGeex), and she shared with me a series of short recordings of her playing MineCraft that she recently posted to YouTube. To be straight to the point, they are incredibly entertaining to listen to: It really gets home how much enjoyment that a simple yet open game like MineCraft can deliver that you cant see in screenshots or read about in reviews written by us stingy adults. Watch her introductory "Tutorial" video after the jump, and feel free to subscribe to her YouTube channel, Twiggenify, so that you can experience the rest of her videos at your leisure.

And try not to be so jaded, ok? Life is out there, just waiting to be 'Crafted into whatever it is you want it to be. Just ask Twiggen. ^_^


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