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That image speaks the truth! But never mind that. Now it's my turn to add a video.

Talking about both Minecraft and random coolness, I want to share a video a friend of mine showed me which displays both Minecraft's fantastic capabilities and the insane creativity some people possess. Namely, somebody managed to recreate the entire Figaro Castle from Final Fantasy VI, with each room perfectly laid out and represented -- including the basement with the castle's submerge engine that you could only get to in the World of Ruin. This video isn't new by any stretch of the imagination, but if you haven't seen it before, prepare to have your mind blown, like mine was.


Isn't that insane? Make sure you're paying attention to the footage from the original FF6 during the tour, because the person or people who put that video together is showing off just how exact of a replica that castle is. Nostalgia fans, you may weep now.


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