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Yesterday Mojang released their third Weekly Update for Minecraft.  They also included a video, done by the illustrious Pixie, and by far the video is the most interesting part.  This week they focused mainly on two things when looking to add features to Minecraft: languages and sheep.  How these two things go together, I don't know, but they sure are fun.

First, there is now multiple language support in the game, and about 20 or so languages are already available.  The translations have been completed by the player community, so hopefully they will be correct.  I personally can't wait to play it in Tolkein Elven, but that will have to wait until Pixie is done with the translation.

More importantly sheep have gotten themselves an upgraded AI.  Now they will eat grass, and if shorn while doing so, will instantly grow back their wool.  Baby sheep also eat grass, which I assume increases their growth rate.  Hopefully this will see a further push toward more realistic mob behaviors in the game.  If you want to check out the update for yourself, grab the client file here and the server file here, and make sure you hit the jump to watch the cutest Minecraft video evar.



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