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Hello my name is Martin, and I'm addicted to Minecraft. I'm 8 hours clean as of this moment, but I know at any point I will be off the wagon again. I'm not apologetic for this addiction, this need to explore, to craft, to mine. See it's a deep-seated desire, something first presented to me by building blocks as a child and later fostered by LEGO blocks. I can't escape it, I won't escape it. For me there will always be worlds to explore and kingdoms to build, I feel sorry for those who don't understand this.

In all seriousness some people don't get Minecraft or games like it. Honestly I don't get those people, sure I'm friends with a few but I can't understand why they don't realize what Minecraft is. Of course maybe they left their LEGO blocks and dreams behind. For me I don't see that ever happening, between my need to create there is also my kids. Each one of them loves to build and I love to build with them. Minecraft is family time in our house.  I know that it will never introduce my kids to hookers, drugs or police genocide. Sure, everything has it's place, but the place for those things isn't with my kids. I'll keep those to late night endeavors as I slaughter undead hordes while they slumber.

Minecraft is a LEGO set with so many possibilities it can stagger the mind. There is no hand holding in the experience unless you bring others with you, and the game makes no excuse for it. I think that is one of the reasons I love it. So many times I've had to research or discuss with others to figure out how to craft a certain item or make things work in ways that were not probably intended at first. This is a game for the constructor, the farmer, the miner, heck even the undead slayer. So while some won't understand what it's all about, I'll say I'm sorry to hear that, and then I'll show them something cool that was created in Minecraft. Like this video below. Prepare to be amazed.




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So strange, so wonderful.  I never would have thought to create something like this.  I gotta say, it's much cooler than the movie ever was.

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That was a LOT of work hehe

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