I don't know about you but I love the sound of wind blow through the trees, birds chirping and the absence of trucks driving on the highway. The ambient sounds of nature are beautiful and amazing. They are also missing from Minecraft for the most part. Sure we'll hear a chicken call or a pig oink but there is no wind unless it rains. When I'm deep in the earth near lava I don't hear the pressure behind the rocks. I want my world to be alive, not just with animals and people but with sounds.

This first mod pack does just that, adding the beautiful ambient sounds that are missing from the game. I can't say they got everyone right but it's a nice change. Sometimes you don't notice these touches are gone till you hear them. It breathes a new life into the game that I honestly feel is needed down the road on a official level. Specially with all the biomes changes in the pipe. Take a listen to MAtmos an atmosphere generator mod and check it out for yourself.


And if you're looking to replace all the sound effects in Minecraft, this clever fellow has lent his voice. Lot of ingenuity by this chap, give it a gander.



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[Mandifesto] @ 2:35:36 AM Sep 9, 2013
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Sound is incredibly important to me, probably because of my untrained musical ear.  I get really annoyed if a song list I'm used to is played out of order.  This means changing the sounds in Minecraft would drive me insane because I'd be losing some of the major ambiance in the game.  It would leave me unnerved to no longer have the auditory frames of reference I'm used to.

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