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So you've mined your mines. You found the diamonds, built a nether portal. Then you gathered components, hunted ender men and found the strong hold. It was there you took the last stand against the ender dragon in the end. After that you built a roller coaster that circled your world, but what's next? Tekkit, that's what. With all the power of Minecraft and the capabilities of industry, Tekkit takes your Minecraft experience to the next level, literally. Be that level another dimension or space, it's possible now.

Tekkit allows you to industrialize your Minecraft, build quarries and processing plants. Beyond that you can push the limits of technology in Minecraft allowing you to build spacecraft to travel to other worlds or you mysticism to reach other ages of Minecraft. This mod is so robust and powerful I'm honestly not sure if I could ever find the time to experience everything it had to offer. Luckily it has sever support to playing multiplayer is an option. Allowing you to tackle one track while your friends each experience on theirs or your can all work together to bring your ultimate technological terror to life. Take a look at the trailer below and visit the site for more details. Now excuse me while I go setup this server at home.



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Wow, that is some extensive engineering right there. The possibilities of what could be built are maddening.

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