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It's Friday! So as Frigg sits sipping apple martinis on some shore of Iceland we get to wrap up the week. What better way to do it then with videos and music. This weeks Video Geex feature is "Game Launch Rock" by Brentalfloss, a parody of the old School House Rock songs. With the looming threat of new consoles on the horizon the debates have heated up. Which one is the best? Which has the better launch titles? What about launch pricing? I personally have only ever bought one console on launch day and that was due to extreme boredom and a desire to try a new game by this company called Bungee. To this day I've not bought a console at launch since and I never will. This music video hits on all the right notes as to why you should wait. Sit back and take a listen to this informative PSA. If you don't get the parody, because you are most likely half my age, I've included a video below that of one of the most famous School House Rock songs, "I'm Just a Bill".







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I remember Schoolhouse Rock... Those were the days XD.

I still plan to get next gen @launch :3. I agree with choice of games being an issue and their potential to use the full power of their console is usually untapped till devs learn to optimize further. Also, I think price cuts happen after a year or 2. 360 and PS3 were expensive for awhile. I think PS3 reduced price earlier but they desperately needed to lol.

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