Treyarch released a new video for Black Ops 2 on their youtube channel titled "Origins." It's a shame other news outlets dropped the ball on this one because every Call of Duty fan should know that the four characters in the trailer are the original cast from Call of Duty: World at War zombie maps. That means this whole video is one big zombie tease and we can expect a new survival map here in the near future and yes, it would appear Tank, Nicoli, Takeo and Rictofen are coming back for one last battle with the horde... Guessing the giant robot threw everyone off.

Despite the nature of Call of Duty zombies... you know, kill zombies and survive, there actually is an expansive story that spans three whole game titles ( World at War, Black Ops 1, and Black Ops 2). Though, it was a shame we saw our original iconic characters just vanish after Black Ops' final zombie map "Moon." I'm glad we get to see it all unfold and finish here in Black Ops 2... Or begin? The video, and maybe even the map, is titled "Origins" meaning we may finally get to see how everything began. Sort of bitter sweet though, I spent a lot of hours resisting the undead and to see it finally end... I just can't.

I'll leave you to the teaser trailer. Click the jump below to view Treyarchs' "Origins" trailer:


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