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The first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, dubbed "Revolution" has been leaked in the form of a poster. From what I see, the DLC pack will include the usual deal of four maps, a zombie map, and for the first time ever, a new weapon they call "The Peacemaker."

The multiplayer maps include names such as Hydro, Mirage, Downhill, and Grind. Hopefully these names don't suggest anything...

The zombie map is called Die Rise and looks to be set in some sort of city in the game's futuristic setting. Can't wait for that! First-person Resident Evil, let's go.

The DLC pack, according to a bunch of sources, suggest it'll be made available on January 29th for Xbox 360. I'm hoping a good update on their eSports initiative is a go by then as well.

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