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Good Moon Day to you fellow crafters of mines and welcome to another installment of Minecraft Mondays here at Game Geex. Today I'm introducing you to the another mod, well a mod complilation, called Hexxit. The goal of this mod-pack is a focus on adventure and exploration. My main goal though, well it's Chocobo husbandry. That's right Final Fantasy fans, our favorite flightless fantasy bird mount is here.

Now the Hexxit mod-pack has a ton of features from over 60+ mods. Some of these mods like Treecapitor and Backpacks I feel should be standard Minecraft features, while others add features that might over complicate and already complex game. One mod of this pack is called Tinkers' Construct which allows you to "tinker" with your tools. The tools never disappear and you can continue to modify them, repair them, and even name them. Of course we have the name tags in Minecraft vanilla now so that last part isn't a huge deal I guess. It's an interesting mod though and it gives a lot of options in crafting the weapons and tools you use.

Hexxit also gives brings a lot of adventure options with advanced dungeons and even ruins. Inside each a variety of different monsters spawn, some even with special attributes. There is nothing as terrorfying in Minecraft as a zombie that has regen and the sun can't do enough damage to kill it. That's just a bit too overpowered for me. Of all the features in this mod-pack it's the Chocobo via the Chococraft mod that have snared me. I loved Final Fantasy VII, I loved breeding Chocobos. While my friends were chasing down ultimate weapons I was busy getting the Chocobos, busy. In Hexxit you have to collect special grass then use it to domesticate the Chocobos. You can also craft the grass into seeds. Planting seeds and harvesting the crops gives you a chance at a hybrid version of the grass that you use for breeding. You could seriously waste a lot of time just trying to breed a Golden Chocobo.

Some of the mods in this pack I'd like to see in 1.6.4 but the Chococraft mod unfortunately is still stuck in 1.5.2 purgatory. When the major code change happened to make it easier to mod there were a lot of mods left behind because of the complete rework required to be compatible with the new systems. Hopefully the current dev on Chococraft will be able to bring it to the latest version eventually.

One last thing before I sign off. I leave you with a new rollercoaster Minecraft music video, made entirely on an Xbox 360, enjoy.

(header image by CurtZeNinja via Deviant Art)

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For a moment I had my hopes up thinking this was a port of Hexxen to Minecraft.

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Yeah, it's not a Hexxen port. This like a Tekkit but instead of science and industry it's about exploration, adventure, and magics.

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