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I have never really taken sides on the DC/Marvel battle.  Part of it comes from the fact that I came late to the party, but mostly it's because that while I like a lot of the Marvel heroes, DC will always have one thing Marvel can never give me:  Catwoman.  Selina Kyle was the first comic character I loved enough to actually collect.  She got me into comics with her quick wit and luxurious style.  She taught me that a girl can be strong and be feminine at the same time.  I even named one of my cats after her.  She turned out to be the nastiest of the bunch, which in some ways makes a lot of sense.

So when I hear that Infinite Crisis will feature her as one of the playable characters, I suddenly get interested in the game.  I wasn't happy with how short her story was in Batman: Arkham City, so getting a chance to play her in a battle setting sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully she gets some slick stealing mechanics, along with stealth on the battlefield.  It would be amazing to steal items from another player as an ultimate ability.  

Hit the jump to watch the character reveal trailer, then stop by in the comments section to let us know if this seems like a faithful portrayal of the character as you remember her.  Then if you're interested, head on over to the beta signup for Infinite Crisis.



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