MOBA lovers get a treat today, since Warner Bros Interactive has released a video featuring two of the playable characters in Guardians of Middle Earth.  In this video you'll see the ranged controller Galadriel pitted against brute ganker Ugluk.  Since there aren't that many female characters in the Lord of the Rings mythos it's nice to see the elven queen step into the fray.  The trouble is she looks way too weak to stand up to the might of Sauron's armies, swirling around in a blue dress the way she does.  I guess that's why she has such great survivability bonuses.  

Check out the video for yourself after the jump, and count how many times the narrator gets to say the word "Ugluk."  I swear it gets funnier every time.

Guardians of Middle Earth is expected to release for Windows PC sometime late 2012.



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Can't wait for this! First console MOBA ever so i'm awaiting to see if it's successful. It's not a huge game and it's an arcade title but still something I, as well as a bunch of other MOBA lovers, would look in to.

[fraggadier] @ 10:19:11 PM Aug 9, 2012
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This looks great and revolutionary. Can't wait for release!


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