Everyone is calling Batman: Arkham City the best game of 2011, and Warner Bros. Interactive isn't willing to let the train stop now. They just announced more DLC coming down the pipes for all the wannabe Batmen and women to snatch up.

The company first announced two DLC bundle packs, which include the Arkham Bundle and the Challenge Map Pack. The former ties up the Nightwing and Robin packs, as well as well as the Arkham City Skins, all in one neat little package. The Challenge Map Pack, meanwhile, gives several new maps for players to play around in, The Joker's Carnival, Iceberg Lounge, and The Batcave. All of this is available now for eager players to get in on.

To sweeten the deal even more, they've also sent out a free Batman skin for everyone. The Batman Inc. Batsuit Skin can be downloaded free of charge, and is available for use in the story campaign after beating it once, and in Challenge Mode. How's that for a bit of Christmas cheer? All of this stuff is available right now via XBL and PSN.

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