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Nether Realm Studios has finally opened up with info regarding the release date of the blood-loving beauty, Skarlet, in their latest trailer for Mortal Kombat 9. The glitch-turned-femme fatale is set to be released on 6/21 (the trailer says available now, depending on where you're watching it from, but this is a misprint), and the trailer even lists the next available characters to be released over the summer. The first is Kenshi, whom those following the news have heard before, but the second one is a fresh reveal, that being Rain. The third is still a mystery at this point.

NRS has also made known of their plans regarding the DLC. Much like how Arc Systems handled their DLC characters for BlazBlue, a separate, free patch will be put out the same time the characters are released that can allow players to go up against them online, even if they haven't downloaded the characters themselves. As a bonus for MK9 players, however, the DLC will also include a skin pack for select characters that can be obtained whether you download the character, or simply get the compatability pack. Which is also free! The first pack is set to come with Skarlet's release, and will include Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 outfits for both Cyrax and Sektor.

NRS is really putting a lot of work into this product, making their commitment to their fans especially prevalent, and it's definitely showing with this latest announcement. Check out the trailer for Skarlet here, which also includes info on her backstory and the Rain reveal.

[via IGN]

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