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Recently, Epic Games has announced it will be simultaneously releasing a Gear of War 3 “Season Pass” on the launch day of the actual game on September 20th. The season pass will run all of you gamers a very deceptive $30 (or 2400 Microsoft Points) which will inevitably cost you two 1600 point cards… I know right? At least Trine 2 is coming out *wink wink*.

Well, now I bet you’re wondering what you get in this beast of a deal. You get the four planned DLC packs that are intended to expand on the campaign, beast and horde modes, and obviously, the multiplayer for free…. Well, not really for free, you still technically paid $30, but the good news is you get a whopping 33% off the whole shebang. It can be implied that the DLC packs for GoW will come at a standard price of $10-$15, but with this season pass, you pay an all time low. This pass also includes future DLC packs that are most likely going to be released past the four already on the works. And to top it off, you will also get “liquid metal” skins for your weapons. It’s very similar to the pass in Mortal Kombat 9 where pass-owners get all the DLC characters at no extra costs past the pass itself.

So all of you Gears of War fans who already plan to use their vacation and sick days playing the game should consider picking up this deal, that way, you can buy other nice things instead of spending the money on DLC you’re going to buy anyways. I’m not much of a Gears fans as some of you other people out there, but I know a deal when I see one.

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