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Today, screenshots were released marking the addition of 3D gaming into the world of Gears of War. Gears of War 3 will support 3D gaming, which is very rare among Microsoft Xbox 360 titles. Though the PS3 and many of its games push for 3D technology, Microsoft has been shunning the idea for quite sometime, despite their competitive rivalry. But that soon is about to change.

I feel 3D gaming isn’t a necessity but it’s still nice to have available. It is, without a doubt, hard to compete with the 3D available to the PS3, which supports 720p frames in both eyes, where-as the Xbox has overlapping 3D set just above 480p, which is impossible to tell through 3D glasses. Not much of a difference though, 3D makes everything so pretty, trust me. But aside from really cool aesthetics, and maybe some eye candy in various levels in the game, 3D gaming is just a free ticket to headache land, at least for me.

From experience, 3D in gaming provides you with more depth. There’s a separation between the character, the reticule, and the enemy which is very cool. Nonetheless, Gears 3 wasn’t really a game built from the ground-up to be 3D so I don’t know what it will be like. But with Microsoft claiming they’ll have full 720p/eye support for 3D games by May of 2012, makes me wonder if the gaming world is headed down the road of the 3D- arms race.

Anyways, for you Gears fans out there who just happen to have a 3D TV lying around, 3D is definitely an available option for you to try.

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