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It appears that Epic Games is going to be making a big announcement at E3 this year, if the images of the Game Informer July cover can be believed.  It seems that Gears of War 4, or something at least in the franchise, is being teased on the Interwebs.  The Game Informer cover looks pretty menacing, if you ask me, but also intriguing.

We will no doubt hear the big news Monday morning at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, which we will be liveblogging for those who can't watch it themselves.  I am pretty darn happy to know there will be at least one piece of big news, even if it is already getting teased.  That's the great thing about E3 ramp up week:  Intriguing hints.

Hit the jump to check out the magazine cover for yourself, and make sure to check Game Geex for all the information we can find regarding this title and other Microsoft announcements when E3 starts next week.


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