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This morning we started off with the Xbox Media Briefing.  The following are my notes from the presentation.


9:30 AM Xbox Media Briefing begins

First up: Live action trailer for Halo 4, blends into the gameplay seemlessly, then with a live gameplay demo set in a jungle.  The planet is filled with dangerous creatures, "definitely not Covenant," and monsters that are "definitely not organic." the >>> matter gun he picks up forms together on its own as if by magic.  "An Ancient Evil Awakens." 11-6-12 release date.

Today is all about the Xbox 360 (boo)
xbox entertainment is coming to mobile this winter

Next: Live gameplay demo of Splinter Cell Blacklist. Sam Fisher must interrogate an insurgent in order to find the location of the next terrorist attack.  Impressive bullettime  effects.  (And he can do something Ezio can't -- climb cliffs).  He uses Kinect Voice REcognition to distract a terrorist by calling "Hey You!" and later calls in an air strike using the same technology.

Spring 2013 release date.

Next:  EA Sports Madden and Fifa will be better with Kinect. (2013 versions of the game first look next)  Change tactics and make substitutions using Kinect in FIFA.  Referree feedback will keep track of how you react to the ref's decisions.
Fall 2012 release date.

Madden NFL 2013 Kinect integration, Joe Montana takes the stage to play the game.   It seems as if the voice features of Kinect are actually making intelligent additions to the gameplay  by replacing select menu commands. Aug 28th 2012 release date.

New Fable!  Using Kinect of course.  Trailer shows magic being weilded using Kinect, Fable: The JOurney Holiday 2012 release date.

Phil SPenser takes the stage.  NEw Racer announced  FOrza HOrizon.  More open world gameplay than previous installments in the franchise.
Oct 23 2012 rleease date.

Gears of War premier trailer .. Man he looks young but still snarky :)  Gears of War Judgement name confirmed.  Full trailer online

Xbox Entertainment --  Bing will now search by genre (starting this fall)  and once you choose a movie it opens up which provider (Hulu, Netflix etc) to watch it in.  Your subscriptions will all tie into the voice search.  Available in multiple languages.
1. Nickelodeon coming
2. Paramount
3. Machinima
4. Univision

Sports porfolio will include NBA, 2400 live games, NHL 40 games per week.  ESPN will get 24 hour programming on XBLA.  

Xbox Music announced, 30 million music tracks, coming to 360, win pc and tablets and phones. Sounds like Spotify has competition

Xbox Smartglass will bring true connectivity to devices you already own, tv, tablets, xbox, and pc.  Coming this fall they will also have internet explorer

Tomb Raider live demo  Lara brights a bow to a gunfight, but I guess that shows that the biggest weapon isn't always the best.  First DLC will be xbox exclusive.  Has a very dark Uncharted vibe, and yes, she still takes damage from falls and has to carry on wounded.

Ascend New GOds looks like gore for gore's sake, but will be playable across xbox and win phones.
Lococycle a gore verbinski game
Resident evil 6 -- Live gameplay demo.  Leon returns with a female partner.

Wreckateer kinect castle destruction game.  Uses crossbows and silly ammunition Summer 2012.

South Park fantasy game ==  The Stick of Truth  Mar 5 2013

Tray and Matt take the stage.  Game that feels like an episode of South Park, created by Obsidian.  

REquired them to actually map the touwn for the first time.  

Harmonix Dance Central 3  choreography by actual artists like Usher.  Usher is now on stage to show off the moves from the song he collaborated with the game on.  Yay for free Usher concert.

Call of Duty BLack Ops 2 live gameplay demo.  Downtown LA looks a little different in 2025, but the traffic is still just as bad. It's just now that the traffic includes planes and crashing helicopters.  Protecting a female President from hostiles (I assume UN)  Looks like hes got a gun that shoots through objects like trucks or concrete pillars.  Now that's just cheating.  THey should totally have had a level at the Galen Center and really freaked us all out.

Oh there's Staples center so I guess that's close. It's not often you get a chance to watch a game destroy an area with battle and then go visit it the next day.  

Content for Black Ops 2 will come to Xbox first.  11 13 12 release date.

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