When Microsoft took center stage at E3, they announced a new software called SmartGlass which will be designed to allow the user to share content across a multitude of devices from the console, to a tablet, to a Smartphone without breaking a sweat. The software will be compatible with plenty of different platforms which include Windows PCs, Android Tablets, and even iOS (say whaaa?). Their goal is to make the Xbox the primary gadget for all of your home entertainment needs and with Smartglass comes Internet Explorer, Google TV, and more.

The presentation was actually really fascinating to watch. While watching movies and even playing games, Marc Whitten, Microsoft’s Xbox Live Chief, was able to showcase a tablet device displaying information about the movie he was currently watching such as the cast and even utilize his tablet for gaming. While playing Madden, he was able to use his tablet as a playbook and while playing Halo 4, he was able to scan for waypoint content and get backstory information such as schematic on the UNSC Infinity. He was even able to use his smartphone as a controller, which is kind of cool if you want to hop on your Xbox just to use Netflix or something.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this is exciting. It’s more content for free, what else do you want? This might mean I have to obtain a tablet though which unfortunately isn’t free. Either way, I can’t wait to see where game developers take this technology in the future. Access inventory while in-combat via tablet? Communicate with AI while on a mission? The possibilities seem limitless. I can’t help but feel they stole this concept from somewhere though… Oh well, what else is new?

Check out the FULL E3 presentation of the Smartglass app below!


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