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Lucasarts was working on an amazing project called Star Wars: First Assault. The game is suppose to be a downloadable multiplayer shooter where it features up to sixteen player, 8v8 multiplayer of rebel versus empire goodness. Thanks to more unexplained problems at Lucasarts, the project is on hold, surprised?

What is going on Lucasarts? You've decided to make a multiplayer shooter to satisfy that Star Wars needs we fans have been craving for. Since Star Wars Battlefront 3 was impaled in the face by the dead company, Free Radical, my hopes and dreams of playing a Star Wars shooting game keep dying. It's like someone stabbed me with a knife and they are just twisting the blade rather than pulling it out.

Star Wars: First Assault was suppose to be released this Spring but might get trashed and fed to the mighty Sarlac. Why must you take everything away from me Lucasarts? Your games were the highlight of my childhood, stop giving awesome projects to horrible companies and make a game worth buying! Well if you think The Force Unleashed was great you're wrong! I am very disappointed that this project isn't finished or finishing, but I swear if Star Wars 1313 doesn't release, you might as well stop making games and announcing ones that aren't meant to be! I don't know you anymore. Lucasarts, your breaking my heart. Your going down a path I can't follow!

first-assault-1-640_w_1.png (640w x 339h)
first-assault-3-640_w.png (640w x 330h)
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