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Ken "Chaobo" Serra is the current manager of Rogue Knight Gaming. He also heads the Call of Duty division as primary coach and Team Captain of RKG Prime. With his 7 years experience on the field of eSports, he aims to help those who wish to put their foot through the door. His goals and ideals primarily involve the success of those around him and his experience will greatly help dedicated souls in and out of the organization itself.


It's one thing to be a player but not many know what goes on behind the scenes in the management department of things. I'm not going to go into so much detail but hey, let's just say it's more stressful than meets the eye. Rogue Knight Gaming has been through a lot of changes in the past few weeks. Heck, we weren't even called "Rogue Knight Gaming" until just recently but the details on that are all hush hush for now.

Logistics behind-the-scenes isn't too bad for me as a person, but due to unfortunate scheduling issues with my players, both Call of Duty teams are now without a fourth player. Now that got to me. So I'm sitting here, stuck with two incomplete teams, and tearing my hair out wondering "what next?" Well obviously, what's next is to find people. It's my duty after all. Still, would you believe how hard it is to find a good fit? I'm not saying I have high standards but I have specific standards. I need to find people who perfectly fit the personality bracket since this organization, and our sponsors, hold our players to a higher degree. Bet I'm the only person out there who benches his players for bad grades, eh?

Still, I've given up going to certain websites to seek players. I hate to do that because somewhere out there, there's a skilled, good-minded (is that proper?) player out there whose shyer than a beaver. I'm not even sure if beavers are shy, but I've already thrown it out there. It's not like my other options are even better. Twitter? What a joke. "Hi i'm a Free Agent seeking out a team!"..... 3 years later... no reply. Do these amateurs expect to get on top teams the first time?

Even though this is a serious aspect of crafting a team, I still got some laughs in during the process. As I skim through all the ads and Free Agent posts, it's one thing to present yourself insufficiently but seriously, "Yo yo i'm da best. Send me message cause i'm dope." is the furthest thing from what I consider presentable. Blame it on the community? Nah, but... just but, I need not say more. (Still, I don't get this issue in other games). You also can't forget the people who show interest one minute then delete you from their friends list the next. Always a classic.

Regardless of all of that, I'm still pretty confident I can find good players with good intentions. I found several already haven't I? Still, it seems like the hurdle gets taller as you begin to approaching the end, especially since i'm down to only needing the last spot on two teams. Figured it wouldn't be hard! I'm going to end here, otherwise my rants will start to sound more like dark magic incantations and make no sense. I'll keep you all posted on what's up, and don't worry, I won't be venting all the time.


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[fraggadier] @ 5:36:47 PM Mar 12, 2013
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I know this, you kicked my butt in Halo 3 :p

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Actually this was either the match before or after that... Where I kicked someone else's butt.. XD

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Maybe one day we will find the magic person. One day.

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All my life i've been waiting for... i've been praying for.. Oh wait, not the song. But yes, Hopefully. lol.

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Nice read Ken!


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