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The Star Wars Battlefront franchise is one of the most highly anticipated and best selling Star Wars games of all time. Free Radical was developing the third installment Star Wars Battlefront 3, A game that  stays true in our hearts and minds but unfortunately, it never became a reality. Lucas Arts pulled the plug on the project because the executives were cutting costs late into the development of the game. The game stopped production at the alpha phase and was never heard from again... until now.

The Battlefront 3 leaks show what the gameplay could have been.  When I first saw the alpha gameplay footage, I thought to myself I'm a little glad it didn't release. It looks like Star Wars Battlefront 2 with a pretty graphics layer over it. But the cancelation of this game may mean that another company might make an even better version of this game. Though, Lucas Arts might just hold on to the rights and wait until the next generation of consoles arrive. This would mean better graphics, and more fluid gameplay.

It does sadden me though because I've been craving a Star Wars Battlefront 3 for years and then I find out the third one got canceled. I'm still going to keep my hopes high because this game is too big of a titan to end here.


video via CyberAceGaming

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It's always sad when a game we wait for doesn't get made.  I agree this gameplay isn't the snazziest so maybe it was'nt worth the money?

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...And it still looks more enjoyable than The Old Republic. *Zing!*

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Battlefront 3 was such a game that LucasArts became waay to ambitious with it. They kept wanting more out of it, which meant Free Radical needed more technology. Unfortunately, LucasArts wasn't pumping enough funding which ultimately lead to the games down fall.... (-.-;)

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