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Unfortunately, tragic news struck the gaming industry when Disney announced the end of LucasArts. To make matters even sadder, for us Star Wars fans at least, it was revealed that Star Wars 1313 was indeed going to be about Boba Fett. Called it... Excuse me, I need a moment...

Avid readers of the Star Wars books know "1313" was an alias Boba Fett used in one of the written series for infiltration purposes. It became apparent the moment of its announcement the game was going to follow in Bounty Hunters footsteps and be about the green-armored mandalorian. Judging by the concept art given to us, it would appear the game would have taken place during Boba's very early life since his armor looks incomplete, perhaps implying he either does not fit into it yet, or has not finished its full modification.

This news strikes my heart really bad. I longed to play a game, especially a story-driven title, about Boba Fett. The guy had a really epic life before the event of A New Hope and seeing it put into video game form would have been a dream come true. I actually would have preferred this news to be hidden than made public. Click the jumper below for the final concept art revealed by LucasArts.

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This is salt on an open wound.

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