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Rejoice all you Star Wars fanboys and girls. Today at Comic-con, LucasArts unveiled the very first, limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360 console inspired by the very lovable duo, R2D2 and C-3PO. The Xbox 360 console is modeled after R2D2, featuring the recognizable blue and white design and even includes a different set of sounds, most likely heard during the on and off sequences. The console will also feature a 320GB hard drive, which will be the largest size available on the market for the Xbox 360 console. I still believe the console should’ve been modeled after C-3PO simply because I want a golden console. Nonetheless, the wireless controller included with the console will be modeled after the beloved golden protocol droid and thus, that will be gold.

And even more good news is that the bundle does include a white Kinect, yes, white Kinect to match your console, which will be needed when you’re slicing your friends in half with a lightsaber in the new game, Star Wars: Kinect. I myself am very excited for this game ever since I saw it at the Kinect Expo last year and that’s not just because I giggle like a school girl every time some says “Star Wars” The game features some awesome lightsaber fights through both sides of the force, space battles with your favorites ships like the Slave One, and now recently unveiled by Lucas Arts, will also feature all new Pod Racing action, so you can finally play the darn thing at home instead of at some arcade somewhere.

The down side to all of this is the console will have a hefty price tag set at a whopping $449.99. The bundle is now available for pre-order at any participating retailer, so all you “mediclorian-enriched” gamers can get your hands on one.

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[Fragnotmyass] @ 6:46:17 PM Jul 21, 2011
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So, does it come with a fingerprint removal kit for the controller?

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Unfortunately, the fingerprint cleaning kit only comes in the super-extra deluxe bundle.

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