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Are your pants falling off? Do normal belts from boring department stores make you yawn? Do you wish they had a little demon in them? Blizzard, yet again, to the rescue:

What the?... actually I'm gonna go find my girlfriends and have another drink.

Blizzard, the greatest developer with only three game series under their demon belt, descended on Comic-Con with lots of merch in tow. Bet you didn't know you needed Diablo III demon leggings:

And you thought he couldn't get any cooler.

What about a Starcraft II wallet to hold all your mins?

You don't accept vespene? What kind of tech establishment is this?

Are you tired of only pretending you're an undead badass in World of Warcraft? Grab some Forsaken Elixir of Undead and make those dreams a reality.

Spiked hair mandatory, for awesome.

They got a lot of other stuff on display, from Warcraft books to Diablo hoodies to Starcraft Mega Bloks. If you're at The Con and you love yourself some Blizzard, check it out. If you're not there, you might be out of luck for now. But never fear, this should satiate your RWLRWLRWL hunger.

Hey Revis, pick me up some leggings!

[via Kotaku]

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